2012 FJ Cruiser -Winch Mount – Warn Zeon Platinum 10S

Arnie from Chicago bought one of our powder coated winch mounts for his 2012 FJ Cruiser along with a top of the line Warn Zeon Platinum 10s winch and Van Beest shackle combo package. On his way to Austin he brought his FJ to us so we could install it all! The Platinum is a huge symmetrical winch but our mount still has room for lights when he’s ready and is a super slick setup. Nice rig and a super guy!

Please be aware that you WILL need to do some minor trimming of a bracket and a cross brace above the winch and move the A/C line back an inch or so as covered in the install docs. You will likely need to elongate the mounting holes in the winch tub about 1-16″ to 1/8″ of inch forward to fit this VERY large winch in the tub and scoot it forward to clear the back of the tub.

Buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/bumpers/winch-mounts/fj-cruiser/fj-bumper-warn-zeon-platinum-winch-shackle-combo/


Corey from California sends us photos of his 2015 Tacoma with our winch mount bumper using a Warn M8000 winch.

Corey from California sends us photos of his 2015 Tacoma with our winch mount bumper using a Warn M8000 winch.

Corey goes on to say: “This is my 2015 Toyota Tacoma sbdc trd off-road. I used the warn m8000s winch. The installation went smoothly and I have used the winch a couple times to recover myself and another truck. I get a lot of compliments on how clean the winch mount looks. I decided to rattle can the mount since I anticipate scraping it from time to time anyway, touch up will be cheap and easy. This is a high quality product and I received excellent customer service when I called about the status of my order, which arrived on time. I am very pleased with your company and the product.”

Turned out great!

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2014 FJ Cruiser – Winch Mount – Mean Mother 12,000 Winch

Mike from California sends us some great pics of his 2014 FJ Cruiser sporting our winch mount bumper along with one of the great Mean Mother Edge 12000 lb winch and Van Beest shackles. Mount and shackles are both coated black.

Mike says “Turned out GREAT!”. We agree.

Buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/bumpers/winch-mounts/fj-cruiser/fj-bumper-mean-mother-winch-shackle-combo/



FJ Cruiser – Winch Mount – Barricade Winch

John in Arizona sends us a photo of his FJ with one of winch mounts along with some Van Beest shackles then added a Barricade winch with orange rope to match his rig.

He goes on to say: “This is my 2013 FJ Cruiser. Love your product; it is exactly the weight and neat install that I was looking for. Your powder coating finish is excellent; I am very happy….”

Turned out very nice!

Buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/bumpers/winch-mounts/fj-cruiser/toyota-fj-winch-mount-bumper/

Jeff from Vermont sends us a couple of photos of his 2016 Tacoma TRD with our new winch mount along with the new…

Jeff from Vermont sends us a couple of photos of his 2016 Tacoma TRD with our new winch mount along with the new Engo SR10S winch and Van Beest shackles. He also picked up a Mean Mother 8 piece recovery kit for when the trail gets really nasty! Very icognito.

“Very clean look. Just what i wanted. No install issues.” – Jeff

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FJ Cruiser – Winch Mount – Smittybilt Winch

David from California sends us some photos of his very cool camo version of our winch bumper along with a Smittybilt winch on his FJ Cruiser.

“For the paint I used two color browns of textured paint, used spray adhesive to hold “actual” oak leaves in place and sprayed ‘bisque’ textured paint over the whole mess. Pulled the leaves before the glue set completely and cleaned up with some solvent. (I worked in ornamental iron for almost twenty years, so I’ve done a variety of finishes). It was luck that bisque color matched the Toyota Sand color so well.”

“I must add, as a fabricator, your product is very nicely fabricated. I’m an electrician now, but during those years I built everything from scratch including roll cage.”

Buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/bumpers/winch-mounts/fj-cruiser/toyota-fj-winch-mount-bumper/

2008 FJ Cruiser Trail Teams – Winch Mount – Mean Mother 9500

Victor from California sends us photos of his 2008 Trail Teams FJ with our winch mount along with a Mean Mother 9500 recovery winch and Sirius Pro Series lights. He optioned to have the mount and Van Beest shackles coated in our Teflon black powder coat for a long lasting finish. Turned out great!

Buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/bumpers/winch-mounts/fj-cruiser/fj-bumper-mean-mother-winch-shackle-combo/