Water Well Houses

Insulated Prefabricated Well Houses – A Solution To A Problem

The Problem

In the Spring of 2022 we purchased a small ranch north of Hico, Texas. One of the most pressing issues we inherited was a really dilapidated well house. Uninsulated, not well constructed, trash filled, insect and critter infested along with being a fire and freeze hazard we knew it would need replacing asap.

One other thing we discovered was that it was not anchored in to the ground, silly me, I assumed the corner posts were concreted but one morning I awoke to our well house upside down and in one of our Live Oaks from high winds the night before.

Which completely exposed (literally) what we had to work with…some pieced together plumbing and a ton of hodge podge wiring. Yeah, not good. But hey, I didn’t have to tear down the well house, just chained it to the tractor and drug it off, now it’s a chicken coop.

The Process

As we own Republic of Texas Land & Home, we have viewed many well houses on various properties. We have also owned several properties over the last 25 years, all on well water, some well thought out, some not so much. As a result I had a very clear vision of what I wanted in a well house.

  • Insulated. While we live in Texas we can certainly have some nasty winter weather and frozen pipes can be a disaster, especially when it’s below zero. My plan was to spray foam the inside.
  • Pest Tight. Rodents are bad for wiring and insulation and who wants Black Widows and other nasty pests in their well house? Not me. This also means having a concrete pad/foundation.
  • Organized. Nothing worse than stepping over pipe, or wiring all over the place. Also makes it harder to keep clean.
  • Space. I needed enough space for an 86 gallon pressure tank, filtration and softener along with some space for a bank of batteries if I opted to install solar backup power. An 8×8′ seemed like more than enough.

So I started the process of obtaining quotes for a 8×8′ (I picked this size simply because of the ease of building with 4′ wide sheets/materials) foundation, building and foam insulation, either by each item or turn key. Quickly I could see that this was going to cost more, much more, than I had anticipated from my previous experience with these types of projects. Quickly I could see us spending anywhere from $4500 to $7500, especially with foam. I had quotes for concrete ranging from $850 to $1500, buildings from $2800-$4200 (nuts) and foam….well, figure about $1.00 per square foot of wall and ceiling space. Figure 8′ wide x 8′ tall, 64 sf x 4 then the same for the ceiling…in theory was going to cost $300+ but in reality you can’t get anyone out to spray for less than $500 or even $1000, regardless of size. No way I was going to use fiberglass or bag filled insulation, not unless I wanted to fight rodents and pests for the rest of my days.

The Solution

One day I ran across a manufacturer that built insulated, prefabricated well houses. Interesting. As I looked more in to these I realized that not only are they cost effective but are also very well made and I don’t have to worry about the cost of insulation.

Made with 1 3/4″ polyurethane foam sandwiched between two steel sheets these are extremely well built and will provide excellent insulation. I liked the design so much that I decided to become a dealer and brought in a truck load of inventory.

These are available in the sizes shown above, 4’x4′, 64″x64″ and two 80″x80″ options, one with taller side walls and a full size walk in door.

I opted to go with the largest version, the 80×80″ tall wall model. I did so as I wanted to not only enclose the well head in the building (more on that below) but also a larger 86 gallon pressure tank, filtration and softener and possibly bank of batteries for solar backup.

Do you have to place the well head in the building? No. In fact, most do not for good reason. If you need to pull the well pump a pole truck must have access to pull the pipe from the well, this can be hundreds of feet and you can’t have something over it. Some will make a flap on the roof but that can create leakage issues. As a result most have the well head in it’s own enclosure, running the pipe in to the ground then up in to the well house. Me, I wanted it in the same building thereby eliminating the risk of freezing pipe coming out of the well head, which is the number one point of failure.

The neat thing about these buildings is that hey have a lifting eye on top so you can lift it with a pole truck, tractor or forklift to access the well head. This is what I opted to do. 

We started off by pouring a 92″x92″ pad, I wanted concrete under the drip lines of the roof so it wouldn’t erode the ground around the foundation.

I wanted the well head on the left just inside the door then the pressure tank in the back left corner and filtration equipment in the back right so we placed the ‘box out’ (12″x18″) in the back center to bring in the electric feed and outgoing pipe for the main feed to the house along with drain lines for the filtration equipment for backwashing. This way there was no cutting in the building walls to bring in any lines or plumbing and it keeps everything underground to eliminate freeze risks. Plus I can bring in new lines for a future home when needed.

In this particular case I didn’t want to cut off the water until we were ready to place the building and equipment as we are living here and kinda need water. Once the concrete cured we removed the plumbing from the well head and electric from the control/pressure box then placed the well house on the pad.

Then we placed the equipment inside and ran the plumbing as needed. Once that was complete the electrician ran the line in the box out and wired up a small breaker box along with a 4 plug outlet for equipment and things like a light or heater if needed then the breaker box for the well pump. The conduit was bolted to the wall in 3 places which is easy enough to remove if I need to pull the well house.

Neat and clean with plenty of space to store bags of salt for the softener and add a backup source of power like a generator or solar battery bank. I’ll complete the installation by installing 6-8 3/8″ concrete anchors around the inside perimiter and a bead of silicone around the outer edge to keep water out.

And if you aren’t a fan of white then you can always paint these well houses but otherwise you are finished, no maintenance required!

To buy your well house go here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/well-houses/

Water Well Houses

NEW PRODUCTS: Insulated Water Well Houses

I am bringing on a new batch of outdoor and rural living products. Why you ask? Well, there has been a real shift of people buying rural properties during and post beer virus. As a result the first of this new lineup is our prefabricated Insulated Water Well Houses.
More details, pricing and specs or buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/well-houses/
Those of us who live in rural areas and have water wells know the struggles of keeping our water well equipment pest free and unfrozen in the winters. We have a solution for that.
Our insulated well houses are very cost effective in that they come prebuilt and fully insulated along with being very tight to keep the critters out. We suggest bolting these down on a concrete pad but can be anchored to a gravel pad or the ground as well.
Here’s the nifty part, you can enclose your well head in these too. All of our 64″ and 80″ well houses have lifting eyes so if you ever need to pull your well pump you can simply unbolt and lift the well house off of the foundation with either the well service pole truck, tractor or forklift, then replace when finished. The number one failure is the PVC coming out of the well head, this keeps it nice and warm during the winters and in severe climates a simple heat lamp will keep everything in the well house nice and toasty.
These are only for local pickup. US Off Road

NEW PRODUCT: Warn VR EVO Recovery Winches

The new Warn VR EVO series recovery winches are out and available for purchase in our store! Several improvements including a dual use wired/wireless control!

Oh and the prices went …down. 

The VR EVO recovery winches feature IP68-rated waterproof construction, an ultra-reliable Albright® contactor inside a relocatable control pack, and a state-of-the-art, two-in-one remote for added ease of use and versatility. With it’s fast line-speed and lower amp draw, the VR EVO series of winches are the hardest-working standard-duty winches we’ve ever made, with tactical styling that looks great up front and at a price that won’t pull you out of your budget.

  • A powerful series-wound motor and planetary gear train deliver faster line speed under load, with lower amp draw
  • IP68-rated waterproof winch construction keeps the elements out
  • High-performance Albright contactor delivers maximum reliability
  • Control packs can be relocated for low-profile installations
  • Durable, one-piece cast-aluminum tie-plate for added strength and durability
  • Two-in-one remote with wired AND wireless options for ease of use and versatility
  • Available with wire or synthetic rope
  • Limited lifetime warranty for mechanical parts and 7 years on the electrical

You can shop our winch mount, VR EVO combination packages here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/winch-mounts/

or if you are just looking for a winch then you can buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/winches/vehicle-winches/warn/warn-vr-recovery-winches/

Product Updates

March 5, 2019

This is the busy time of year and we often struggle to keep up with demand. This year we started off with a larger inventory than normal to limit any shortages. So far so good overall. We have run out of FJ Camera Armor but should have another batch ready sometime around the 12th of March. We ran out of our 2012-2015 Tacoma winch mounts for a few days but 25 more just rolled off of the welding tables.

The 2016 Tacoma winch mounts have really taken off with consistent sales and looking forward to scheduling another run very soon to keep up with demand. 2005-2011 Tacoma winch mounts sales have been steady as of course have the FJ mounts as usual.

Be sure to check out our winch mount/recovery winch packages for each model!

We are cutting a couple of product prototype winch mounts for the 2014+ 4Runner for a final fitment then off to production before Spring.

We are also working on getting our longstanding FJ40 bumper in to production at this time as well.

Warn Limited Edition M8274-70 70th Anniversary Winch

In celebration of Warn’s 70th Anniversary, we are releasing a limited-edition version of our iconic M8274 winch. The M8274-70 features customer-driven enhancements over the standard M8274-50, including faster line speed, 10,000 lb capacity, retro-inspired styling, and enhanced durability under competition recovery conditions. Limited to 999 units worldwide.



  • High-output 6 HP motor for 10,000 lb.(4536 kg) pulling capacity and competition-level line speed
  • IP68 waterproof and submersible Albright electrical contactor controls
  • 150ft of 3/8” (46m of 9.5mm) diameter Spydura® synthetic rope
  • High-strength polymer control pack housing with throwback WARN® hublock logo
  • Forged and polished 6061-T6 billet aluminum hawse fairlead for total corrosion resistance
  • Newly designed stainless steel clutch knob
  • Commemorative stainless steel drum end plate
  • Two Oilite® bushings installed on pinion gear assembly for improved wear resistance
  • Bolt-and-washer secures brake shaft delivers enhanced durability
  • Winch is individually numbered with special edition labels
  • Limited to 999 units worldwide
  • Made in the USA
  • Special Part Number Assignment: PN 101070: 10K lb pulling capacity, 10 improvements, Warn 70th anniversary release



The long awaited and highly requested winch mount for the 2016+ Toyota Tacoma is now in stock!

Don’t want to add a full replacement bumper to your Tacoma just so you can mount a winch? You are not alone. Full replacement bumpers are 100-150+ lbs, degrade aerodynamics and are expensive. Keep your stock bumper cover, factory looks and your MPG with the installation of this winch mount within and behind the stock bumper cover.

  • Designed and built in Texas!
  • No cutting on your bumper cover!
  • Includes our new Big Mouth Hawse coated in a special Black or Silver Teflon infused powder!
  • Simple cutting of black removable chin piece for recovery points and hawse/winch opening. Skid plate acts as simple and very precise template.
  • Removable skid plate included. If you damage your skid plate in the future just remove 6 bolts, remove and replace!
  • Includes power steering cooler relocation brackets.
  • Optional winch solenoid box relocation bracket. (if your winch doesn’t allow side mounting)
  • Optional license plate mount for states that require front license plates.
  • CNC Laser cut – clean and precise
  • 1″ wide shackle mounts are drilled .890″ ID for .880″ OD or smaller pins which is common for a 3/4″ shackle. Pin sizes can vary. We offer Van Beest shackles which will fit our shackle mounts.
  • Lighter than most aftermarket bumpers at 62 lbs WITH the included Big Mouth hawse!
  • Built to last. Winch tubs are .250″ steel with a .135″ skid plate.
  • Full height front and rear winch tub.
  • Will accept most winches with industry standard 10″ x 4.5″ bolt pattern.

Buy yours here! https://www.usoffroad.us/store/bumpers/toyota-tacoma-2016-2017-winch-mount/



We are starting to roll out a new line of LED light mounting solutions. First out are two new products along with a couple of combination packages.

These light bar mounting brackets enable you to mount one of our Engo 12″ LED light bars above either a recovery winch roller fairlead or hawse. These brackets are made from .250″ steel and are powder coated for a long life. They also come with extended stainless steel bolts and nuts.

You can buy your brackets or combination kits here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/lighting/light-brackets/


U.S. Off Road is proud to announce that we are now a stocking distributor of quality Mean Mother winches and recovery equipment. The primary focus is obviously winches but we’ll be adding the full line to our store.

“The Mean Mother brand of 4WD winches & recovery equipment is exclusively owned by Haigh Australia. We have been servicing the automotive aftermarket industry for over 40 years and today we are recognised and respected for our diverse range of automotive & lifestyle products and brands.

The Mean Mother brand represents strength, quality and durability across all platforms with a significant emphasis on innovative quality control and testing procedures.

Mean Mother products are not only built tough, they are designed to provide fault free operation under the toughest of Australian conditions. If you are looking to “Explore your Limits” with confidence then you can’t go past Mean Mother.”

You will find our full line of Mean Mother products here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/meanmother/


We are happy to announce the first new product in our Recovery Rope line.

Length: 30′
For Use on full size vehicles to about 9,500 lbs
Min. Breaking Load: 33,500lbs
Double Braid Nylon Construction
Polymeric Coating in Olive Drab Green for Excellent Abrasion Resistance
Sealed Against Stain and Water Absorbtion
Eyes coated in tough 603 Polyurethane for protection
UV Resistant

Made here in Texas!

Buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/recovery/rope-and-straps/?features_hash=1-21



The production prototype of our 2005-2011 Tacoma redesign rolled out today. Here’s a few quick and dirty photos for a sneak peak. Will do a last test fit sometime in the next week or so then production in late June. Should price out in the $499-525 range like our other bumpers.

Very similar to our 2012-2015 Taco bumper but about 3/4″ deeper and of course has our new 1″ wide shackle mounts.



Tired of seeing about 60% field of view (FOV) out of your FJ’s backup camera? Don’t like your stock tire cover but don’t want to see the ugly camera housing exposed when you remove it?

We were too so we came up with Camera Armor. Not only does Camera Armor look better and provide a 100% FOV out of your backup camera but it also has a hidden bracket mounting system so you can mount a GoPro, antenna or light in the protective area of your spare!

As with our winch mount bumpers, we provide this to you in bare .125″ thick steel. You can paint, powder coat or whatever makes you happy. The aluminum end cap is anodized clear to protect the aluminum from the weather and keep it looking good. Hardware mounts flush and is stainless steel.

Installation is simple, pull off your spare wheel/tire, slide the camera armor over the studs and reinstall your wheel. Done. You can then leave it with the filler bracket or swap out brackets without removing the wheel again.

When you purchase Camera Armor you will receive:

    Camera Armor body
    Aluminum end cap/bracket mount
    Filler bracket (does not protrude from under the cap but fills the slots so it doesn’t collect dirt/water)
     Extended bracket with no accessory holes drilled. (you can bend, drill and cut to your heart’s desire)
    2 x stainless steel flat allen head screws (1/4″ x 20)

Paint or coat as you wish, you can also paint the aluminum cap, make it yours.

Buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/armor/fj-camera-armor/


We are now a dealer for Lock N Roll off road hitches. We have used their hitches on our FJ and M101A2 for the last year and absolutely love it!

The articulating Lock ‘N’ Roll® trailer hitch is the safest, easiest to use, most versatile on road, off road hitch on the market. Utilizing 360 degrees of rotation and 3 axis of movement, this on-road, off-road hitch gives you the freedom that you can’t get with a ball hitch, but without the jerking and banging of a pintle hitch. Lock N Roll hitches are not only the best off road hitch in the world, but the best trailer hitch, period.

If you are taking your trailer off road then forget the pintle or ball hitch, go with a Lock N Roll!



We are now a stocking dealer for Factor55 and their killer line of recovery gear including their ProLink, FlatLink and HitchLink products.

If you have never heard of Factor55 then you are really missing out on one of the premier off road parts manufacturers and their line of products.

Located in Boise, Idaho we are an engineering design firm specializing in mechanical design and analysis. Our staff has extensive experience in the Aerospace, Defense, and semiconductor industry but we have always been passionate about off roading through out our careers. All of our products are designed in house using the latest 3D CAD software and optimized using Cosmos FEA ( Finite Element Analysis). Before we release any products to the public, we also perform a destructive test on each design with the assistance of a test facility equipped with test measurement and data recording equipment. We take great pride in knowing all of our products are derived from sound engineering disciplines.Why go through all of this for the off road market? Simple, we want to make sure we are producing the highest quality, best value products for our customers.

Go buy yours here: http://usoffroad.us/store/factor55


Our newest winch mount bumper for the 2012+ Toyota Tacoma is now available!

Don’t want to add an aftermarket bumper to your Tacoma just so you can mount a winch? You are not alone. Aftermarket bumpers are 100-150 lbs, degrade aerodynamics and are expensive. Keep your stock bumper, factory looks and your MPG with the installation of this winch mount bumper within and behind the stock bumper cover.

  • Designed and built in Fort Worth, Texas!
  • Lighter than most aftermarket bumpers at 63 lbs.
  • Built to last. .250″ steel winch tub with a .125″ facia for a total of .375″ of protection up front!
  • Full height front and rear winch cradle.
  • Light tabs will enable the mounting of most 4″ wide LED lights or our 2″ Sirius lights.
  • Reinforced lower facia with 4 x .130″ gussets, adds bashplate protection up front.
  • 4″ drain holes facilitate access to winch mounting bolts
  • Will accept most winches with industry standard 10″ x 4.5″ bolt pattern.
  • Works with either roller fairleads or synthetic style hawse.
  • Will not work with a body lift.
  • Shackle mounts are mounted through and through, TIG welded front and rear and are drilled .906″ ID for .890″ OD or smaller pins which is common for a 3/4″ shackle. Pins sizes can vary.
  • CNC Laser cut.
  • Winch mounts come in bare steel only. 

Visit our Google+ page for tons of customer install photos then  U.S. Off Road store to purchase yours!



We are proud to announce the addition of ComeUp winches to our line of recovery products. Billed as ‘extreme performance’ winches they are in use around the world.

You may not recognize the brand name, but ComeUp winches have been been in the US for quite a while. They have been exclusively re-branded and sold under other major US winch companies brand names. We have been running these winches for 7-8 years now – and many of you have too.

Now they are here under their own brand name and we are stoked! They also brought over their Seal line of winches which are a step up on the DV’s that were being re-branded.

ComeUp is based just outside of Portland Oregon – with full service and repair being done at their facility. (This is ComeUp, NOT an importer middle man). With a full line of vehicle, powersports, industrial and military winches, 12V, 24V and even hydraulic, they have a winch to fit your needs. Check out the constantly expanding line of ComeUp winches in our store.




After two very successful years of sales around the world I am proud to announce the latest evolution of our FJ Winch Mount Bumper. While we have had zero known issues and nothing but praise for this product I am always looking to make improvements where we can. To that extent I was looking to cut down on welds and deburring time, maintain or improve strength and accuracy and maybe even shed a few pounds.

  • All bumpers are now CNC laser cut for improved accuracy and finish. This also permitted us to alter the design a bit and reduce the amount of welds.
  • Weight has been reduced from a respectable 57lbs to 52.5lbs!
  • Fewer welds means a stronger bumper (not that the previous version wasn’t tough enough!)
  • We also added an A/C line notch to the back to help with clearance, which it does beautifully.
  • Torque arms were realigned and are made as one piece with the winch tub end caps. Stronger, less welding and weight reduction.
  • All bumpers are now fully TIG welded which gives a much nicer finish and less cleanup over flux core welding.
  • Winch mounting holes were moved rearwards 1/2″ for better clearance up front for some winches.
  • Bumper cover support tabs were added to provide better adjustability, fit and finish.
  • All of this with no increase in pricing! Retail is still $499.

Here’s an example of how much this setup will weigh:

Winch mount bumper: 52.50 lbs
Viper Elite winch with no rope: 51.40 lbs
85′ x 3/8″ AmSteel rope: 3.6 lbs
Aluminum hawse: 1.5 lbs
Coating and fasteners: 1 lb
Total weight: 110 lbs

With the recent addition of more drain holes and light tabs designed to work with 2″ LED lights I feel this bumper has evolved in to a very nice solution.

I have also been working with UPS to negotiate reduced shipping costs and take advantage of the lighter weight. Every penny counts.

I appreciate everyone’s business over the past two years and look forward to many more years of providing these types of products to the FJ owners.

We have some new products in the works for FJ owners so be sure to visit us at www.usoffroad.us for updates.

Here’s a few photos of the new version.


From the Netherlands comes Van Beest shackles.  Van Beest manufactures high quality, high tensile shackles in its production facility in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. It is a genuine, made in Holland product. They brand these products as Green Pin®. Van Beest Green Pin® shackles can be identified by the green colored pin and the marking on the shackle body and pin. Green Pin® and the color green applied to the pin are both registered trade marks of Van Beest.

Plus we dig the green pins!

View the Van Beest product line in our store.