Water Well Houses

NEW PRODUCTS: Insulated Water Well Houses

I am bringing on a new batch of outdoor and rural living products. Why you ask? Well, there has been a real shift of people buying rural properties during and post beer virus. As a result the first of this new lineup is our prefabricated Insulated Water Well Houses.
More details, pricing and specs or buy yours here: https://www.usoffroad.us/store/well-houses/
Those of us who live in rural areas and have water wells know the struggles of keeping our water well equipment pest free and unfrozen in the winters. We have a solution for that.
Our insulated well houses are very cost effective in that they come prebuilt and fully insulated along with being very tight to keep the critters out. We suggest bolting these down on a concrete pad but can be anchored to a gravel pad or the ground as well.
Here’s the nifty part, you can enclose your well head in these too. All of our 64″ and 80″ well houses have lifting eyes so if you ever need to pull your well pump you can simply unbolt and lift the well house off of the foundation with either the well service pole truck, tractor or forklift, then replace when finished. The number one failure is the PVC coming out of the well head, this keeps it nice and warm during the winters and in severe climates a simple heat lamp will keep everything in the well house nice and toasty.
These are only for local pickup. US Off Road