We offer powder coating as an option for our Winch Mount Bumpers and FJ Camera Armor. While some will still opt to paint or coat their own bumpers (this article discusses more), many of you prefer to receive your bumper or cam armor coated and ready to install.

We have created some custom formulations to match the factory colors using quality Tiger Drylac powder. The finish is a 20% matte with a decent texture and is available in black or silver. Be aware that powder coat will still show some marks from the bending process and any welding beads or heat deformities.

Many manufacturers will only chemical etch then spray one coat of powder. We commercially blast the shoot a coat of zinc primer followed by two coats of powder. This application will stand up much better to weather, road debris and the northern winters.

While we try to keep coated product in stock, please expect a 4-7 working day delay in shipping if you purchase powder coat. Custom colors are available, please contact us to quote you accordingly.

Please understand that even though we go to great lengths to package and protect the powder coat we are not be liable for any shipping damage to the coating itself. Luckily it rarely happens.

See the high resolution photos below to get a better idea of texture and sheen.