Mean Mother Dual Battery Isolator

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Designed for those with dual battery systems in place, the Dual Battery Isolator allows the alternator to charge two batteries at the same time, switching to the auxillary battery once the starter battery is fully charged.

Pre-set to prioritize the main battery, the voltage sensitive automatic isolator also features pre-set engage and disengage voltages, electronic ignition protection, a manual override link button, and a calcium mode for vehicles fitted with calcium batteries.

12V - 140A

Mean Mother
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The Dual Battery Monitor is designed to monitor battery voltages and amp flow of individual batteries within a dual battery system. The easy to read backlit LCD screen displays charging or discharging status and voltage levels for both the starter and axillary batteries.

The Dual Battery Monitor also features a warning tone for high and low voltage, as well as a link button for manual override when paired with a Mean Mother Dual Battery Isolator (sold separately).

Amp shunt included

52mm Mount

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This durable camping light kit features four ultra-bright waterproof LED light bars with magnetic end caps to allow for easy positioning when you need it.


  • Four IP68 waterproof LED light bars with magnetic end camps
  • 30 x SMD2835 LEDs per light bar
  • 5,500K Color temperature, and an effective brightness of 626 Lumens per LED bar
  • Complete set of cable accessories with 3 dimmers.

We use these in our USOR expo tent and love them!

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