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For the DIY crowd we are offering our 1" wide shackle mount. This is the same mount found on our FJ bumpers and will be incorporated in to all future bumpers.

Dimensions are noted in drawing above. These are cut from 1" A36 HRS using a water jet and the holes are machined to .880". Most 3/4" shackles use a .870" pin but vary by manufacturer. Check yours before ordering or purchase 3/4" Van Beest shackles from us.

Order the quantity you need. Ships FREE via USPS Priority Express.


License plate mounting bracket for states that require a front license plate.

This is made to work with our 2016+ Tacoma winch mount.

Options above for bare steel, black or silver powdercoat.

Comes with:

  • Base plate that mounts behind our Big Mouth hawse.
  • License plate mount that bolts to base plate and is adjustable up and down.
  • Hardware to fasten plate mount to base plate.
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On our winch mounts and most aftermarket bumpers you need to move the power steering cooler back about 1" to clear the winch tub. We created these for our winch mounts but have made them available for purchase separately.


  • 2 Steel relocation brackets - bare steel
  • Necessary hardware
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These work great on roller fairleads used with our winch mounts, makes for a very incognito install as well.

If you're state requires a front license plate, we have a solution for you. Instead of drilling holes in your bumper or risking not running a front plate, this easy to install license plate holder attaches to your winch roller fairlead. Simply bolt your license plate to the bracket and snap the holder in place. Your license plate is now securely mounted yet easily removable for winching.

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