ComeUp Remote Plug Extension

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Remote plug extension allows you to locate your control cable plug anywhere within 16" of the contactor box. 

Great for use with our Toyota FJ and Tacoma winch bumpers as the ComeUp ports generally pont straight up which makes it impossible to attach your control cable without this extension as the bumper cover will block access.

This will not work with Engo or Viper winches as they are 3 pin and ComeUp is a 6 pin connector.

$197.95 $182.00
  • For DV-9/9i, Seal 9.5i/9.5si/9.5rsi.
  • Designed for winches with a single line capacity of 9,500 lbs (4,309 kg) or less.



  • 22,000 lb (10,000 kg) maximum capacity snatch block, part number 881079.
  • 4” x 8' tree trunk protector strap, part number 881091.
  • 3” x 30' recovery strap rated to 21,600 lbs (9,800 kg), part number 881090.
  • Pair of bow shackles with 3/4” (20 mm) pin, part number 881092.
  • Recovery Damper, part number 881557.
  • Leather gloves, part number 881558.
  • Duffel bag with ComeUp Logo, part number 881661.
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$542.95 $485.00
  • 4,500 lb (2,041 kg) line pull.
  • Power in and power out.
  • High torque permanent magnet motor delivers high line pull at lower amp and slip free dynamic brake.
  • 3-stage planetary gearbox delivers the most reliable and durable winch performance under the most rugged conditions.
  • Sliding pin and ring gear clutch for rapid wire rope payout.
  • Automatic load-holding mechanical brake and motor dynamic brake ensure holding the load without slippage.
  • Standard Compliance: CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC CE Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC
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$749.95 $669.00
  • Fast, powerful and high efficiency performance.
  • Heavy duty series wound motor delivers superior torque output and faster line speed.
  • Submersible sealed contactor with silver-alloy contact pads, thick copper buss bars and submersible construction ensures weather resistance.
  • Patented Cone Brake Structure – “Brake outside the drum” – allows rapid heat dispersion.
  • Tough Aluminum alloy housings.
  • Industrial grade waterproof remote control comes with a thermometric LED indicator on the hand-held switch that automatically alerts when the motor is over-heated.
  • Rugged and quiet 3-stage steel planetary gears for maximum mechanical efficiency.
  • An ergonomic T-handle positively engages the free spool clutch through multiple evenly spaced locking holes for rapid rope payout. The entire clutch can be rotated to reposition the T-handle in multiple locations.


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