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Walrus IP68 Waterproof Series

ComeUp Walrus IP68 Waterproof Series


Remote plug extension allows you to locate your control cable plug anywhere within 16" of the contactor box. 

Great for use with our Toyota FJ and Tacoma winch bumpers as the ComeUp ports generally pont straight up which makes it impossible to attach your control cable without this extension as the bumper cover will block access.

This will not work with Engo or Viper winches as they are 3 pin and ComeUp is a 6 pin connector.

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$2,299.95 $2,145.99
  • Waterproof and dustproof construction:

- Potted contactor and motor provide complete protection from water penetration and allow dependable operation in up to 1.8 meter of water.
- Rubber seals at motor and gear housing joints for independent water protection
- Double lip and spring seal at drum support racks
- Industrial duty remote control with twist-on connector to provide total protection from water.

  • Water-proof remote control with thermometric LED indicator alerts when receiving a warning signal from the motor over-heated.
  • Tough aluminum die cast housings withstand strength of 2 times winch line pull at least.
  • U.S. Germany, U.K. France, etc patented mechanical cone brake holds the full load without slippage.
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