Mean Mother Edge Series - 9500lb Winch

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Mean Mother built the EDGE series recovery winch to appeal to the 4WD enthusiast who is passionate about quality but wants value for money. The EDGE series ticks all those boxes with standard features not found on comparable winches.

Each winch in the EDGE series features a three stage planetary gearbox with sintered steel bushings which have been pressed and stamped (no pop rivets) into the gear carrier. A sliding ring gear clutch provides maximum strength and efficiency in forward and reverse winching operations with ease of free spool functionality. Each gear box is assembled and lubricated using synthetic grease and conforms to our strict assembly guidelines. Providing strength and enduring the pulling forces exerted is a hardened seamless steel drum assembly. Delivering maximum safety during a recovery is an automatic load holding in-drum brake system.

Delivering power to the winch is a waterproof solenoid that uses Ag-Cd alloy contacts (Silver cadmium alloy). The technology and quality of these contactors resist arching when switching currents. This prevents the contactors from fusing together creating a closed circuit which can potentially damage your winch or vehicle and possibly serious injury to the operator.

This solenoid is housed in a sleek and stylish control box which has a waterproof plug. The heavy duty hand control comes with a 5 metre power cord with the option to upgrade to a wireless remote control which offers the user complete control and flexibility to stand well clear of the winch during operation.

The 9500lb & 12000llb series winches use an efficient 12 volt 4.8hp series wound motor. These models offer performance and reliability in the toughest of conditions. We are so confident in the quality and design of our EDGE series winches we offer a limited 5 year mechanical component warranty and a 1 year electrical component warranty.


Three Stage Planetary with quality components

-Sintered Steel Bushings
-Hardened Steel Gears

Waterproof contactor (solenoid) system. Compact design, can be permanently mounted on the bull bar or in the engine bay.

Waterproof quality plug with protective cap.

All EDGE series winches have been equipped with Tinned Coated Copper Power Cables with PVC insulation and the additional protection of a fibreglass outer sheath.

Each synthetic rope is fitted with a stainless steel thimble with crush tubing for maximum eyelet strength.

Dyneema® is a safer and lighter option than wire cable, and is regarded as the ultimate in performance.


  • Sintered steel bushings
  • Hardened steel gears
  • Stamped planetary gear carriers
  • Ag-Cd contacts (silver cadmium alloy)
  • Hardened steel brake


  • Winch
  • Control Box
  • Hand Control
  • Tinned Copper Power Cable kit with Fibreglass Sheath Protection
  • 9.53mm x 30.5m, (Genuine Dyneema® SK75)
  • Hawse Fairlead
  • 10-8 Clevis Hook
  • Hand Saver Hook Strap
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Warranty registration Card
  • Winch and Fairlead Mounting Hardware (Bolts, Washer and Nuts)
  • Side mounting Kit for control box
  • Tie bar mounting kit for control box
  • Spare Gearbox gasket


To ensure the very best manufacturing processes are undertaken in the building of our EDGE series winches we have developed our own detailed testing procedures to ensure they meet and exceed our engineering, performance and quality benchmarks. Our testing procedures are divided into two individual areas:

Each model is tested to the following specifications and recorded:

  • 1.1 times rated line pull (dynamic testing) and
  • 1.25 times rated line pull (static testing)


The winch is tested to the maximum duty cycle (1 minute) and rated line pull (winch applicable rating) in a dynamic test. This test is performed no less than 100 times and recorded; furthermore the first (1st) cycle is tested to 1.25 times the rated line pull. After the winch has passed 100 cycles without failure the winch and components are passed and inspected.

NOTE: All testing was performed with the 1st layer of winch cable on the drum.

These tests are designed to examine the overall strength and ability of the winch while observing and recording the important characteristics and operational performance specifications.

Please refer to our warranty statement for further details.



Rating: 9500lb - Edge Series
Voltage: 12 Volt
Gear Ratio: 212:1
Gear Tran: 3 Stage Planetary
Clutch: Sliding Ring Gear
Motor Type: Series Wound
Motor: 4.8 Hp
Control: Hand Control, 5m lead
Braking: Automatic Direct Drive Load Holding
Drum Size: 2.64" x 9"
Rope Size: 3/8" x 100' Genuine Dyneema SK75
Clevis Hook: 10-8
Overall Dimensions: 22.45" x 6.62" x 6.89"
Weight: 68lbs
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10" x 4.5"
Battery Power Cables: 2 x 3ga, Tinned Copper with Sheath Protection
Motor Power Cables: 3 x 3ga, Tinned Copper with Sheath Protection
Recommended Battery: Minimum 650CCA
Finish: Powder Coated



Line Pull Line Speed Motor Amps Draw Current
0 lbs 19.0 Fpm 110 12 Volt
4000 lbs 12.5 Fpm 210 12 Volt
6000 lbs 10.5 Fpm 260 12 Volt
8000 lbs 8.6 Fpm 300 12 Volt
9500 lbs 7.9 Fpm 350 12 Volt





Cable Layer Rated Line Pull Cable Length
1 9500 lbs 15 Feet
2 7500 lbs 38 Feet
3 6200 lbs 64 Feet
4 5300 lbs 95 Feet
5 4630 lbs 100 Feet



Mean Mother
$39.90 $35.99

Also known as a recovery blanket, they are one of the most important safety accessories you can own. Designed to eliminate the whipping action of a strap or winch cable in the event of a failure, they reduce the possibility of personal injury and vehicle damage. The damper comes in a high visibility safety orange with reflective tape for both day & night use. To install, simply fold the damper over the strap or cable and position midway between the vehicle and recovery strap.

Quality orange vinyl winch cable damper with reflective silver stripes, hook and loop tape and a storage pocket on the inside.

In stock

$49.00 $44.00

Suitable for Edge and Peak series winches only. Connects to the existing control box or contactor plug to allow wireless winch control.

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$59.99 $54.00

For use with synthetic rope, 10" (254mm) mounting bolt pattern and Mean Mother log, fits most bumpers. Suits Mean Mother 9500 and 12000lb 4WD recovery winches.

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$99.00 $89.00

Polished alloy fairlead with Mean Mother logo for use with synthetic ropes. Suits 9500 and 12000lb 4WD recovery winches.

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$99.00 $89.00

Polished alloy fairlead with Mean Mother logo and 1" (25mm) offset bolt holes for use with synthetic ropes. Suits 9500 and 12000lb 4WD recovery winches.

Commonly needed for ARB bumpers.

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