Toyota Tacoma 2016-2023 Winch Mount

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Toyota Tacoma Winch Mount & Skid Plate - 2016-2023

Build your own package by selecting powder coat, recovery shackles and a winch of your choosing!



As of January 2023 Warn has issued a recall on all VR EVO winches. As a result they can not be sold and we have pulled them from the store for now. Go here for more information:

I am bringing on Superwinch which will become a permanent offering in our store. I have already been selling these to customers that wanted a Warn VR. I'm adding just the SX line for now which can be viewed here. The SX line is a great option and works well with our winch mounts. You can option the 10k and 12k winches with either steel cable or synthetic rope. Synthetics also have wireless remotes.


NOTE: If you add a winch be sure to add a Winch Solendoid Box Mount above.

Don't want to add a full replacement bumper to your Tacoma just so you can mount a winch? You are not alone. Full replacement bumpers are 100-150+ lbs, degrade aerodynamics and are expensive. Keep your stock bumper cover, factory looks and your MPG with the installation of this winch mount within and behind the stock bumper cover.

Please keep in mind that if you select a winch and need everything shipped outside of the lower 48 states there could be additional shipping charges. Contact us to verify shipping charges if that is the case.

  • Designed and built in Texas!
  • No cutting on your bumper cover!
  • Simple cutting of black removable chin piece for recovery points and hawse/winch opening. Skid plate acts as simple and very precise template.
  • Removable skid plate included. If you damage your skid plate in the future just remove 6 bolts, remove and replace!
  • Includes power steering cooler relocation brackets.
  • Optional winch solenoid box relocation bracket. (if your winch doesn't allow side mounting)
  • Optional license plate mount for states that require front license plates.
  • CNC Laser cut - clean and precise
  • 1" wide shackle mounts are drilled .890" ID for .880" OD or smaller pins which is common for a 3/4" shackle. Pin sizes can vary. We offer Van Beest shackles which will fit our shackle mounts.
  • Lighter than most aftermarket bumpers at 62 lbs.
  • Built to last. Winch tubs are .250" steel with a .135" skid plate.
  • Full height front and rear winch tub.
  • Will accept most winches with industry standard 10" x 4.5" bolt pattern.


  • Select Bare Steel or black, gray, silver or Super White powder coating for your winch mount and skid plate. Whatever color you choose, everything will be that color.
  • Winch solenoid/contactor control box remote mount bracket. This will enable you to mount most any box to the side of the winch and within our winch tub. These come in bare steel or powder coated black.
  • License plate mounting bracket for states that require a front license plate. Can option in silver or black powder coat as well.

This mount will only allow synthetic rope winches as you can not fit a roller fairlead. Please read the FAQ at the tab above for more information.

We offer powder coating in black and silver in a very durable textured powder coat and can do custom colors for an additional fee. Please keep in mind that even though we go to great lengths to protect the coating we are not responsible for shipping damage to any coatings. Expect a 5-10 business day delay in shipping if you want your bumper coated. Read this article for more information.




Winch mount & skid plate: 62 lbs
Winch with no rope: 52 lbs
85' x 3/8" AmSteel rope: 3.6 lbs
Coating and fasteners: 1 lb
Total weight: 118 lbs

U.S. Off Road

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does the winch mount come with winch, fairlead or shackles?

No it does not. Bare steel winch mount tub, skid plate and necessary hardware. You have options for a winch control box relocation bracket and a license plate bracket if required as well as a winch and/or shackles. 

  • Do you ship outside of the United States? If so, how much is shipping?

Yes, we ship Internationally and have done so to Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Russia, Middle East, well, pretty much every continent, including Antarctica!. It can be expensive as we are shipping a 60+ lb chunk of steel but we are able to ship this in custom made double wall boxes which makes shipping much less expensive than other bumpers.

However, we DO have the ability to obtain special pricing from FedEx on a case by case basis. For example, we have shipped to the Middle East for as little as $200-250, Australia for $275-325.

Please use our contact form to send us your full shipping information for a quote. Please visit our shipping page for more information.

  • How much does it cost to ship domestically?

We ship via FedEx Ground here in the 48 states. Add the product to your cart then go to your cart, there you will be given an opportunity to receive a shipping quote based on your address. Typical costs are $50-65 in the central part of the country and $55-80 to each coast. Please visit our shipping page for more information.

  • What winches fit this mount?

Just about any winch will work. Read this technical article in our blog for a more in depth answer. The mount uses a standard 10" x 4.5" bolt pattern so any winch will fit and there is plenty of room in the mount itself.

We suggest a winch with a relocatable solenoid box or a winch of your choice that shares the same basic design with a remote solenoid/control box, this way you can locate the box wherever you want it.

You MUST mount the control box over the motor side of the winch or use our relocation bracket which will mount it in the same area if your winch does not give you that option.

  • What winch rating do you suggest for this application?

That is a big question. Unless you drive an FJ40 or a CJ/TJ you better go with 9000 lbs or larger. Most of what we sell in our combo kits are 9500/10000 to 12000 lb winches. Read this article for a more in depth discussion of winch ratings and overall selection:

  • Does the front end need to be lifted after installing this mount and a winch?

Short answer is maybe. Typically you will see a 3/8" to 1/2" drop by adding the mount (57lbs) and a winch (75-90lbs). This is still a much lighter alternative to a full bumper replacement (75-150lbs without a winch!). In our testing we noticed no difference in how a Tacoma drove after installation on a stock vehicle. Having said that, because most vehicles come from the factory with some rake (front lower than rear) it wouldn't hurt to lift it a bit to level things out. Read this article about using the Bilstein adjustable shocks to achieve a more level stance and much better ride vs stock for a reasonable price.

  • How hard is it to install?

Not really hard at all. It takes more time to prep and paint/coat the mount than it does to install (we suggest our optional powder coat). Figure 3 - 6 hours depending on the equipment you are installing (just the winch mount, winch, lights, etc?) your abilities and how big of a hurry you are in. You can read the install docs (Documentation Tab above).

  • Will this work with suspension and body lifts?

Our bumpers work fine with any suspension lifts but will NOT work with body lifts as our bumper needs to line up with the bodywork but attaches to the frame. A body lift moves the bodywork in relationship to the frame.

$29.95 $22.00

This shackle works with our FJ and Tacoma winch mount bumpers. Make sure to order a quantity of 2 if you need a pair.

Options now available for powder coating in black or silver that matches our bumper coatings with options for OD green and red. Select your option above.
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Give your Tacoma the power of off-road illumination with Rough Country's 30-inch LED Hidden Bumper LED Kit. This all-inclusive lighting kit fits perfectly into the factory opening on 2016+ Toyota Tacoma bumpers, housing a 30-inch LED Light bar for impressive lighting power.

This kit includes Rough Country’s popular 30” Single-Row CREE LED Light Bar, featuring a powerful 12,000 Lumen, 150-Watt output. The durable die-cast aluminum housing offers incredible protection while the IP67 Waterproof design wards off mud, water, and dust. The included mounts provide a clean, flush look that blends in so well you’ll never see a Tacoma bumper the same way! It’s the perfect position for extra lighting that you’ll find handy time and time again. Includes Rough Country's 3-Year LED Warranty and a Lifetime Warranty on the mounting system.


12000 lumens
150 watts
Contains 30, 5 watt high intensity LEDs
30 degree spot beam
IP67 Waterproof rating
Durable die cast aluminum housing
Includes wiring harness
Length: 31.37-inches | Depth: 3.12-inches | Height: 1.6-inches
Factory appearance
Brackets mount hidden away from view
Light features 3 year warranty
Mounting brackets feature Lifetime warranty

Install Time: 3-4 hours 
View Instructions

Requires cutting and trimming factory bumper grille

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