We are proud to announce the addition of ComeUp winches to our line of recovery products. Billed as ‘extreme performance’ winches they are in use around the world.

You may not recognize the brand name, but ComeUp winches have been been in the US for quite a while. They have been exclusively re-branded and sold under other major US winch companies brand names. We have been running these winches for 7-8 years now – and many of you have too.

Now they are here under their own brand name and we are stoked! They also brought over their Seal line of winches which are a step up on the DV’s that were being re-branded.

ComeUp is based just outside of Portland Oregon – with full service and repair being done at their facility. (This is ComeUp, NOT an importer middle man). With a full line of vehicle, powersports, industrial and military winches, 12V, 24V and even hydraulic, they have a winch to fit your needs. Check out the constantly expanding line of ComeUp winches in our store.