From the Netherlands comes Van Beest shackles.  Van Beest manufactures high quality, high tensile shackles in its production facility in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. It is a genuine, made in Holland product. They brand these products as Green Pin®. Van Beest Green Pin® shackles can be identified by the green colored pin and the marking on the shackle body and pin. Green Pin® and the color green applied to the pin are both registered trade marks of Van Beest.

Plus we dig the green pins!

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I’ve had several FJ owners ask me about our Winch Mount but with no shackle mounts. There are several reasons one may not want shackle mounts but the three main reasons are:

1. If you use certain Toyota brush guards the vertical supports are positioned directly over the shackle mounts. With no shackle mounts you can keep your brush guard AND have a winch mount.

2. Certain countries prohibit anything protruding from the front of the bumper other than OEM items.

3. Some simply want a smooth finish similar to their OEM plastic cover.

Whatever your reason we have a winch mount for your FJ…with or without shackles? Please drive through…

Either mount can be purchased here.


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